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This TOS document was created to prevent model leaking and making it fair for all the customers and users of DStudio 3D models. These terms also applies to Ark3D models, both if you get from CG Trader or bought directly from Dersin.


Please follow these rules or you will be blacklisted and won't be able to get any new models made:


• If you get caught leaking models, you will be blacklisted.

• If you get caught handling or dealing with leaked models, you will be blacklisted.

• No reselling the models, 3d files, parts of it or textures, this is not allowed and you will be blacklisted.

• No sharing parts with your "dev team", unless you trust them and make sure it won't be leaked after that.

• Nobody is allowed to resell or redistribute the models, with the exception of Ark3D (on CG Trader).

• The models bought from CG Trader are protected under Editorial License, it's crime to resell those and you will be held responsible if caught doing so.

• It is allowed to send the 3d model to a builder, but the builder must delete the 3d model after completing the construction.

• If the builder does not delete the model, it will be considered a leak and you and the builder can be held responsible and blacklisted.

• It is allowed to sell vehicles that have DStudio parts as long as the file is locked/encrypted, so that no one has access to the parts models. So it's important that your customer base is trustworthy.

These simple rules were written to prevent model leaking and spamming all over the community, this way we can make it fair for everyone and helps me to make better prices for all the customers.
Thank you for your understanding and I count on the collaboration of the community.

-Andy (Dersin Studio)

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